About Us

My name is Stephie and I created MyBubbaBaby after having a bit of a ‘wake up’  moment in my life.  Following the birth of my beautiful boy ‘Jordan’, I decided I needed to change career to spend less time being stressed out at work and more time living and enjoying moments with the ones I love.  ​Working with my family, I started to reignite my passion for creativity and set to work on this idea. I wanted to create baby and toddler clothing which were soft, colourful and durable. Having tried out the baby wear garments, vests, t shirts etc on my son and with family and friends - I finally found a material which matched my expectations. The response from my customers has been great and I continue to add new designs all the time.


Thank you for the time you’ve spent visiting my site, if you'd like to contact me - please do get in touch.